Sunday, 22 November 2015

Meal Planning Monday 23rd November 2015

M: Steak pie, mashed potato, broccoli and carrots
C: Aberdeen Angus burgers, brown rice and salad 
E & E: Aberdeen Angus burger, brown rice and mixed veg

M& C: Rib eye steak, chips and mushrooms (sweet pot and salad for me)
E & E: Heck sausage, mashed potato and broccoli

All: Chicken wrapped in bacon, jacket potato (sweet for me), broccoli and carrots

M & C: Pan fried salmon, brown rice and peas
E & E: Dinner at nursery

M: Toad in the hole, broccoli and carrots
C: Heck sausages, sweet potato mash, broccoli and kale
E & E: Dinner at nursery

All: Spaghetti bolognese (with brown rice for me)

M & C: Gammon, eggs, mushrooms and sweet potato chips (plus salad for me)
E & E: Cheese and ham pasta with mixed veg 

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