Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Introducing our new range......Just Initials

We have a new product!  

To celebrate our new 'Just Initials' teeny hearts & circles, we are offering you a 5% discount if you order 3 or more and a 10% discount if you order 6 or more!

Our cute hearts & circles look gorgeous on either a necklace or a bracelet and can be fitted with a jump ring or split ring depending on how you wish to attach it to your chosen piece of jewellery.

Each heart & circle is handcrafted from 99.9% fine silver and engraved by hand with your chosen initial.  Circles are approx 8mm x 8mm and the hearts are approx 11mm x 11mm.  

Here are the prices:

1 - 2 Circles = £10.00 each
3 - 5 Circles = £9.50 each
6+ Circles = £9.00 each

1 - 2 Hearts = £15.00 each
3 - 5 Hearts = £14.25 each
6+ Hearts = £13.50 each

18 inch snake chains = £10.00 each
Braided leather bracelets = £7.50

Email to place an order or message us via our Facebook page.

P&P is charged at £3.65 for 1st Class Recorded Delivery or £6.35 for Next Day Special Delivery. Please note we do not make any money from the postage charges - this is what Royal Mail charge :(

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Our Competition Winner!

After seeing many posts in my Facebook News Feed of friends 'Liking & Sharing' competitions, (and the subsequent Pages gaining hundreds, if not thousands of new Likes and a stream of orders off the back of it) I decided it might be a good idea to run our own Beautiful Nice giveaway to launch our newest product - the Framed Keepsake.

However, after studying the Page Guidelines and discovering that this type of competition is not allowed by Facebook and that the pages partaking in these 'Like & Share' type giveaways run the risk of having their page shut down with no notice, I decided to use a nifty little App called Rafflecopter.

Rafflecopter is fully compliant with Facebook's Promotion Guidelines and it's basic version is free. Happy days!

With a bit of research I even managed my first piece of HTML coding to make my giveaway a little more presentable (I know, I couldn't believe if either).

The App is so easy to use and really takes the pain out of running competitions on Facebook.

Anyway, I'm pleased to announce that our giveaway was a success!  We didn't gain hundreds of new Likes but I like to think that it's the quality of your Likers and not the quantity that matters.

Our competition winner was Sara Brake and I delivered her prize last night, here's a little pic.....

Apparently it is already up in Zac's bedroom!  We will look at running another giveaway soon, maybe to mark reaching 1000 Likes.......but what to give away next??

Claire xx

P.S You can like us on Facebook here

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The woman behind Beautiful Nice...a brief intro

So here it first blog post.

I set this account up last July when I opened my Facebook page with the intention of using this blog as another way to promote my new venture.

It's taken me this long, with lots of toing and froing, to work out how this blogging lark works and to decide what I'm actually going to write about. (To be honest, I'm still none the wiser!)

Lets start with a short intro. I'm Claire, I have a wonderful Husband of nearly 4 years - Mark. An almost 15 year old Step-son - Tom and a 17 month old Daughter - Evelyn.

Having Evelyn has changed my life beyond recognition, our lives revolve around her and she is the reason Beautiful Nice exists.

I (like many other expectant Mothers I'm sure) spent most of my pregnancy trying to figure out a way of not returning to work after my Maternity Leave ended but still bring in an income, or 'pin money' as my Mother in Law calls it.

I'd always liked imprint jewellery and briefly looked into buying a franchise with a couple of the big players but I was rapidly put off by the cost! So, I did some research and decided to set up on my own and here we are, 8 months down the line and things are going very well - not well enough to give up work yet (I currently do three days a week) but I'm still determined that this will happen.

I hope you enjoy reading my ramblings and that you come to love Beautiful Nice as much as I do.

Claire x

Me & our Little Miss

My lovely Hubby

Tom with his biggest catch so far!

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